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              A Series With No Parison Programming B Series With Parison Programming Double Station S series Super Large Series For Pallet & Pallet Boxes For Road Barricades For Mannequin For Barrel & Containers For Automobile Parts & Toool cases For Pontons & Solar Floats For Big Toys & Play Station For Hospital & Home furtiure MOULD

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              For Automotive Parts & Tool Cases

              Product range:

              • Technical Parameters
              • Model application reference
              • Technical Parameter Hot for ducts, pipes, reservoirs, tool cases…Hot for bus/car seats, bumpers, spoilers…
                Max. Product ref.L20255060120
                Machine Dimension(LxWxH)M4×2.3×2.74.2×2.3×3.25×3.1×3.25×3.1×3.96.5×3.3×4.4
                Total WeightTon4.55.57911
                Clamping Unit      
                Clamping ForceKN160160300300500
                Platen Opening Strokemm250-850250-800350-1050350-1050400-1400
                Max.Mold Size(WxH)mm520×600520×600700×1000700×1000900×1200
                Mold Thicknessmm260-400250-400360-500360-500410-750
                Hydraulic MotorKW7.515151515/22
                Total PowerKW4053637085
                Fan Power for ScrewKW0.720.720.720.720.72
                Air PressureMpa0.
                Air Consumption㎥/min0.
                Average Energy ConsumptionKWH2025283538
                Extruder Unit      
                Screw Diametermm70709090100
                Screw L/D RatioL/D25:125:125:125:130:1
                Plasticizing CapacityKG/HR80100100120200
                Number of Heating ZoneZONE44445
                Extruder Heating PowerKW1012.512.512.520
                Extruder MotorKW1515223045
                Number of Heating ZoneZONE33355
                Power of Die HeatingKW41572025
                Accumulator CapacityL24.45615
                Die Core Diametermm50-25050-25050-35050-35050-500
                Note:  The data mentioned above are for reference only. Shengda reserves the rights of  modification. Final machine details subject to each specific contract.
              • Application Brief

                Decoding Various Possibility for reliable Automotive relating Blow Molding Industry



                Product Details

              Add: Jiaoyang Industrial Zone, Airport Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province (north of China Feiyue Group)




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