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              A Series With No Parison Programming B Series With Parison Programming Double Station S series Super Large Series For Pallet & Pallet Boxes For Road Barricades For Mannequin For Barrel & Containers For Automobile Parts & Toool cases For Pontons & Solar Floats For Big Toys & Play Station For Hospital & Home furtiure MOULD

              Product Display


              For Pontoon & Solar Floats

              Product range:

              Colorful HMI display

              PLC Based easy operation

              Multipoint parison thickness optimization

              Preheat w/o people by PID timing boot

              Bigger Platen Size

              Linear Potentiometer

              Platform with elevator

              Harmony Hydraulic System

              Nitrided 38 CrMOALA extruder

              Safety sensor protection

              Energy accumulator low consumption

              Quick material changeover

              Quick Modular Maintenance

              • Technical Parameters
              • Model application reference
              • Technical Parameter Hot for AccessoriesHot for Single ElementHot for Double Element & PV Farm
                Max. Product ref.L20251201602201000
                Machine Dimension(LxWxH)M4×2.3×2.74.2×2.3×3.26.5×3.3×4.47.5×3.3×4.67.5×3.2×5.17.5×3.8×6
                Total WeightTon4.55.511182235
                Clamping Unit       
                Clamping ForceKN16016050070012001800
                Platen Opening Strokemm250-850250-800400-1400400-1400600-1600600-1800
                Max.Mold Size(WxH)mm520×600520×600900×12001050×16001200×16001600×2000
                Mold Thicknessmm260-400250-400410-750410-750610-850610-950
                Hydraulic MotorKW7.51515/2222/3022/3730/45
                Total PowerKW405385125175260
                Fan Power for ScrewKW0.720.720.720.720.721.08
                Air PressureMpa0.
                Air Consumption㎥/min0.
                Average Energy ConsumptionKWH202538455580
                Extruder Unit       
                Screw Diametermm7070100110120135
                Screw L/D RatioL/D25:125:130:130:130:130:1
                Plasticizing CapacityKG/HR80100200240280350
                Number of Heating ZoneZONE445666
                Extruder Heating PowerKW1012.520364042
                Extruder MotorKW15154555/7575/110110/132
                Number of Heating ZoneZONE335666
                Power of Die HeatingKW41525365050
                Accumulator CapacityL24.415203050
                Upgrade  opt. 3 Upgrade  opt. 25 Upgrade  opt. 35 
                Die Core Diametermm50-25050-25050-50050-50050-650200-800
                Note:  The data mentioned above are for reference only. Shengda reserves the rights of  modification. Final machine details subject to each specific contract.
              • Applications

                Product Details

              Add: Jiaoyang Industrial Zone, Airport Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province (north of China Feiyue Group)




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